Posted on: 2 December

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club in the 2020 Men’s Major Metropolitan Pennant Competition commencing on Feb 9, 2020.

Daniel Williams
Harrison Wilde
Cameron Rios-Ceballos
Alex Payne
Matt Horton (c)
Kade Webber
Craig Baird
Alan Ison

Earlier this year, up and coming young player, Kade Webber, was added to our 2019 team to experience Major Pennants. This year Kade will debut as a full playing member of the squad.

In the same vein, for 2020, we would like to congratulate Ryan Cadle and Miguel Villa who will be added to the above mentioned playing squad.

A special note of thanks to all players who have given considerable time and effort to compete for places over the past 3 weeks of trials. Whilst you may not have been selected this year you have already contributed significantly to the 2020 team and any success it achieves.

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