Posted on: 8 April

The Stonecutters Golfing Week That Was!

Congratulations to all of our competition winners this past week:

Tuesday 30th March 2021

2BBB Winners – David Stewart and Chris Delaney, Nathan Anning and Matthew Horton (Scr)

Singles Winners – Nathan Anning (A Grade), Albert Kim (B Grade), Donald Lopez (C Grade)

Ladies Stroke – Sharon Kim (A Grade), Hyo Joo (B Grade), Injeong Song (C Grade)

Thursday 1st April 2021

Singles Winners – David Walton (A Grade), Arturo Sta. Barbara (B Grade), Anthony Nicola (C Grade)

Scratch Winners – Graeme Scott (A Grade), Greg Kennedy (B Grade), Sharon Kim (C Grade)

Friday 2nd April 2021

2BBB – James Kim and Eul Suck Han, Anthony Hayes and Matthew Horton (Scr)

Singles Winners – Les Szkirpin (A Grade), Carlos Perez (B Grade), Savannah Webb (C Grade)

Saturday 3rd April 2021

Foursomes Nett – Nic Vlismas and Ken Rush(A Grade),Bill Ghioni and Gary Pilling(B Grade),Troy Davis and Trevor Duncan (C Grade)

Foursomes Scr – Matt Taylor and Todd Ostler(A Grade),Geoffrey Wishart and Gordon McMah(B Grade),Glenn Giles and Ronald Burke(C Grade)

Stableford Winner – Paul Fryer

Sunday 4th April 2021

2BBB Winners – Paul Lamkin and Gen Galacio, Craig Baird and Nic Ferrer (Scr)

Singles Winners – Gina Do (A Grade), Ka Chan (B Grade), Gen Galacio (C Grade)

Congratulations to the Following Players for a “Great Score”

  • Moon Kim, Eagle at 13
  • Todd Ostler, Eagle at 7
  • Stuart Clarke, Eagle at 12
  • Mark Merryfull, Eagle at 5


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