Posted on: 29 July

The Stonecutters Golfing Week that was!

Congratulations to all of our competition winners this past week:

Tuesday 21st  July 2020

Team Winners – Daniel Gale and Matthew Tey, Luke Arthur and Rod Haywood (Scratch)

Singles Winners – Matthew Tey (A Grade), Wilson Abian (B Grade), Brett Bellis (C Grade)

Thursday 23rd July 2020

Team Winners – Peter Hew and Gary De Bruyn, Daniel Smyth and Nathan Renwick (Scratch)

Singles Winners – Marc Webber (A Grade), David Crofts (B Grade), Gary De Bruyn (C Grade)

Friday 24rd July 2020

Team Winners – Joseph Koo and Lucia Yoon, Yeshneil Gounden and Raymond Costello (Scratch)

Singles Winners – Matthew Tay (A Grade), Keith Kam (B Grade), Joo Kwang-Soo (C Grade)

Saturday 25th July 2020

Team Winners – Kris Clelland and Colin Gallen, Kirk Buckley and Raymond Costello (Scratch)

Singles Winners – Craig Baird (A Grade), Paul Jeffrey (B Grade), Henry Singian (C Grade)

Sunday 26th July 2020

Team Winners – TBA and TBA, TBA and TBA (Scratch)

Singles Winners – TBA (A Grade), TBA (B Grade), TBA (C Grade)

Special Congratulations to the following players on great scores this week

  • Graeme Scott and Peter Hew for Eagles on 15
  • Paul Jeffrey for Eagle on 14
  • Michael Ryan for Eagle on 13

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