Posted on: 31 December

From January 1, 2021 it is a mandatory public health order that all members, visitors, staff and contractors must check in by using the Services NSW Gov QR code check in system.
We strongly recommend all that members download the Services NSW app and register before attending our venue to ensure a fast check in experience.  

Please check in by scanning our unique QR code before entering our premises.

You MUST show staff that you have signed in at all times.

COVID Safe Check-in customer experience FAQ’s

How can customers check-in using the NSW Government’s COVID Safe Check-in tool?
1.) Customers scan the COVID Safe Check-in code with their phone camera or a QR code
2.) The smartphone reads the QR code and:
a. If the Service NSW app is already installed on their phone, this app will open and
prompt the customer to confirm their contact details via the COVID Safe Check-in tool.
b. If the Service NSW app is not installed on their phone, the customer will be directed
to a webpage where they will be given the choice to download the Service NSW app to
check in OR check in using the Service NSW webform.

Do customers need a MyServiceNSW account in order to use the COVID Safe Check-in tool in
the Service NSW app?
No, they do not need a MyServiceNSW account. They can complete a guest check-in (no account
log-in required) using the COVID Safe Check-in tool in the Service NSW app.
If they do not wish to download the Service NSW app they can complete the Service NSW webform

Customer data and privacy

When someone checks in using the COVID Safe Check-in, where will their contact details be
The contact details submitted via the COVID Safe Check-in tool are stored securely on a NSW
Government database. After 28 days, the data is destroyed.
What is the data entered into the COVID Safe Check-in tool used for?
The data will only be used by NSW Health for the sole purpose of COVID-19 contact
tracing. Customer data will only be retained for 28 days, after which time it is destroyed.
Can businesses or organisations access the COVID Safe Check-in data to see who has
checked in?
No, for privacy protection, businesses and organisations are not able to access contact information
submitted via the COVID Safe Check-in tool.
Access to check-in data is restricted to authorised personnel in both Service NSW and NSW Health.

Does the COVID-Safe Check-in replace the federal COVID-Safe app?
No, the COVID-Safe Check-in tool helps businesses and organisations record who has attended their
premises and enables NSW Health to conduct vital contact tracing.
This system complements the Federal Government’s COVID-Safe app that helps identify people who
may have been exposed to COVID-19.

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