Men’s Major Pennant Results

Posted on: 1 March

Men’s Major Pennants – Sunday 28th February 2021

– Round 5 Summary Report vs Glenmore Heritage @ Stonecutters

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club DEFEATED Glenmore Heritage Golf Club 5 games to 2 games

  1. Kirk Buckley DEF Steve Hunt 3/1
  2. Harrison Wilde DEF Matt Talley 9/7
  3. Kade Webber DEF Jef Shearim 8/6
  4. Will Blomley DEF Scott Dowswell 4/2
  5. Craig Baird LOST TO Andrew Robb 3/2
  6. Ryan Cadle DEF Ben Michelmore 2/1
  7. Ryan Suckling LOST TO Steve Zingle 5/4

R: Darcy Mackay SQ Raymond Costello

Men’s Major Pennants – Round 5 – Full Match Report vs Glenmore Heritage @ Stonecutters

Following last week’s away victory this week’s preparation for the men was about consolidation of our position at the top of section 3.

One of the team goals set at the start of the season was to be undefeated at ‘Fortress Stonecutters’ in 2021. Our Wednesday practice sessions have been heavily focused on improving our results on holes where we traditionally have struggled. The boys since the 7th January (9 weeks ) every Wednesday afternoon have been playing to our pennant pin positions and strategizing best target areas and misses, chipping options and green reading to improve our home performances.

Glenmore Heritage came into the match on 1.5 points in 4th place, on a countback, in our section (Division 2 Section 3). With a team that featured solid pennant veterans Andrew Robb and Steve Zingle and a history this season of playing their stronger players mid-order the manager had a lot to think about with team order this week. With Daniel Williams still unavailable through injury the team was set from a player perspective. One of our processes developed over the past few years around team order selection involves the manager, captain and vice-captain all having input into our order. Ultimately the manager bears the responsibility of the final decision on order and after much discussion, crystal ball gazing, different options and deliberation the decision was made to go with our strongest team from top to bottom.

When the team sheets were exchanged Sunday morning Glenmore had moved their top three players from mid order to the bottom of the order, as expected leaving our tail with some great challenges ahead on the day. Team Captain for the day, Harrison Wilde, delivered a well-executed coin toss this week that went unrewarded with Glenmore winning the toss and taking the honour.

Ryan Suckling, with Gary Richards on the bag, at number 7 drew Steve Zingle. Following last week’s heroic effort against Cromer no 1 Corey Rae, there was again no hiding for ‘Rhino’ this week. Ryan started strongly, hitting fairways and greens, but a couple of 3 putts on 2 and 5 had him 2 holes behind standing on the 6th tee. After a wonderful tee shot from Steve, Ryan settled over his tee shot and to his right at the most crucial moment of the downswing a rampaging wildebeest came from nowhere, invoking a memorable socket that soared majestically over the easement. Unfazed by the freak occurrence Ryan, seeing the ball bounce, declared confidently ‘that’s in play, Richo’. ‘Rhino’ took the unfortunate occurrence in his stride with great humour but despite his best efforts and some bush bashing in the managers cart he was unable to get up and down for par to halve the hole. Unsettled by 6, Ryan struggled losing 7 also to be 4 down after 7. Halves on 8 and 9 saw Steve Zingle in full control at the halfway house and he added further to Ryan’s misery with a win on 10 and another birdie on 11 to extend his lead to 6 with just 7 to play. Ryan hit back, winning 13, to get back to 5 down but a half on 14 saw the number 7 match finish in Glenmore’s favour 5/4. Glenmore 1 Stonecutters 0

At number 6, Ryan Cadle was pitted against Ben Michelmore from Glenmore. Probably the best opponent Ryan has come against in his debut season “Cuddles’ was up for the challenge, ably assisted by caddy Steve Wilde. Following a half on 1 Ryan clicked into gear winning 2 to go 1 up. Ben hit back with a birdie on 5 and followed that up with another win on 6 to lead 1 up. On 8 Ben further increased his lead to 2 up which he maintained to the turn. On the 10th Ryan holed a great 5m putt for birdie to steady the ship and get back to 1 down. Another win on 12 had the match back in the balance, all square with 6 holes to go. Ben steadied and halved Ryan on 13 and 14 but the momentum had shifted to the Stonecutters scholarship player who won 15 to take a 1 shot lead heading to the 16th hole. With the honour, Ryan’s tee shot fell short and right of the green leaving around 25m to the middle back pin whilst Ben’s tee shot pulled up just short of the green, clinging desperately to the bank just short of the penalty area. Taking their time caddy and player surveyed the shot ahead and once settled Ryan stepped up and chipped his ball to just 1m from the pin. Now feeling the pressure Ben left his approach short and then failed in his attempt to save par leaving Ryan with a 1m putt to take an un-assailable 2 hole lead. Calmly he stepped up and binned it, straight into the centre of the cup. 2up with 2 to play but still with work to do Ryan’s tee shot on 17 was a beauty, drawing in to just 4m from the pin. Ben countered with a great shot of his own, hitting it inside Ryan to just 3m from the pin. Ryan struck a great putt that grazed the hole – agonizingly close but no cigar. Ben with a 3m putt to win the hole and reduce the margin to 1 hole was unable to make his birdie putt and the match ended there and then 2//1. A great fightback by ‘Cuddles’ and great bag work from the ‘Wild’ man sees Ryan 3 wins from 4 and currently undefeated in his first pennant season. Stonecutters 1 Glenmore 1.

Craig ‘Kylie’ Baird at 5, found himself up against Glenmore’s strongest player, life member and captain Andrew Robb. Caddy Bob ‘Wilson’ Macintyre, durrie in hand, was his regular calm self as they set off, started solidly halving both 1 and 2. On 3 after finding the greenside trap, Craig watched Andrew’s second shot fall from the sky just 2ft from the back-left pin. Needing to hole his bunker shot to half, a magnificent shot was executed that was so close to being holed but it did not drop, and Andrew took the early lead 1 up. A birdie on 4 saw Andrew’s lead grow to 2 up and pars were good enough to maintain the deficit at 2 until more birdies followed from the Glenmore man as he won 8 and 9 to turn 4 up. After both players found the greenside trap on 10 Craig was unable to get up and down whilst Andrew did, taking the lead to 5 up. A rare mistake by Andrew on 11(3 putt), opened the door for Craig to secure a win which he closely followed by a win on 12 also to reduce the lead to 3 holes with 6 to play. Despite his best efforts par golf could not undo the man from Glenmore and after halves on 13,14,15 and 16 the match closed in Andrew’s favour 3/2. Andrew finished 3 under par for the day and sometimes you just have to doff your hat, smile and acknowledge a great round which the Stonecutters veteran duly did. Not so lucky today ‘Kylie ‘… Stonecutters 1 Glenmore 2.

Scott Dowswell from Glenmore found himself in the number 4 position up against Will Blomley. Could he be the first to tame the ‘Machine’ in 2021. With Daniel ‘Chunky’ Williams in the caddies cart, the machine started as per normal, Will 2 up after 2. Whist attempting to mark his ball on the 3rd green Will glimpsed what he thought may have been a large rampaging animal out of the corner of his left eye. Before he could confirm the sighting, an errant ball landed just a 1m from the cup and trickled down across the tier, nestling into the rough just shy of the penalty area right of the green. In an understandable state of shock and confusion Will could only manage a half, and to top it off, as he left the green a ‘rhino’ appeared from the cart path to the 4th tee. No need to pay for that African safari tour now Will. The fourth hole also brought a half but Will was gifted 5 when Scott went for the green off the plates and failed to make the carry.  Nevertheless Scott ‘was back’ winning 6, 8 and 9 to square the match at the turn. Now under considerable pressure Will rallied winning 11 to retake the lead 1 up. After halves on 12 and 13 the ‘Machine’ kicked into gear winning 14,15 to lead 3 up with 3 to play. Standing on 16 Will’s slightly miss hit tee shot narrowly cleared the right long grass just left of the cart path. Scott now sensing his opportunity was undone by another shock wildebeest sighting, invoking another stunning socket that landed somewhere between the 18th tee and 17th green. Content that both players had seen enough wildlife that day they shook hands on 16 with the match going to Stonecutters 4/2. Stonecutters 2 Glenmore 2.

Kade Webber, who has been in great form the past 3 weeks, faced Jef Shearim from Glenmore in the number 3 position. Regulation halves on 1 and 2 were followed by some magnificent golf on 3 with Kade’s approach finishing inches from the hole, claiming his first birdie of the day and a 1 hole lead. Another win on 4 extended the lead to 2 up and then halves on 5 and 6 had Kade 2 up standing on the 7th tee. Kade then birdied 7 and 8 to lead 4 up. After a wayward tee shot on 9 with bushes and 195m to the pin Kade executes the ‘pennant shot of the year’ to date. Eagle 2 to go 5 under par and 5 up at the break to the rapturous applause of both the ‘kadallery’ and our men’s president, Gus Dannoun, who I believe saw the ball nestle softly into the cup. Not yet content, Kade then started the back none with a birdie on 10 to go 6 up. Narrowly missing his birdie practice putt on 11 after winning the hole with a conceded’ birdie Kade was clearly non-plussed with his errant practice putt. However, recovering his focus, he closed out the match 7/6 with another win on the 12th hole. Caddy Brent Young was happy with his young charge but does believe he needs to work more on a faster start. Stonecutters 3 Glenmore 2

Harrison Wilde, at 2 was up against Matt Talley from Glenmore with Matt Horton on the bag. Following plenty of work with Harry on his coin tossing skills during the week, Matt gladly turned his efforts to greater pursuits. Harry started strongly winning 1, 3 and 4 to lead 3 up. Following a magnificent half on 5 (including a penalty drop and flubbed chip) in bogeys Harry put the foot down. Wins followed on 6, 7, 8, 9,10 and 11 to rout his opponent 9/7. Biggest win of the year for Stonecutters and Harry to date, securing the 4 points needed by the home team to achieve the first goal of our season, undefeated at home. Matt was gracious in defeat and wore a broad smile knowing that there was little he could do to stop our number 2.

Anchoring the team again this week, Kurt ‘Doc’ Buckley faced Steve Hunt from Glenmore. With caddie Steve Buckley performing caddie duties, Kirk started strongly winning 1 and 3 to take an early 2 up lead. Steve struck back on 4 and 6 to draw level but Kirk responded immediately winning 7 and 8 to re-establish his 2 hole lead, which he held with a half on 9 to the turn. With renewed fight Steve struck back again winning 10 and 12 to again draw level. Hitting straight back Kirk won 13 to lead again 1 up. Standing on 14th tee ‘Doc’, picking his line as the big tree, struck a solid tee shot dead along the target line – finishing dead behind it with no shot. Steve’s approach to 14 came first leaving him just short of the green to the middle pin position for 2. Meanwhile Kirk was surveying his options – big cut? big hook? sideways? – the decision was made ‘big cut’ with 3 iron. Lots of danger in this shot with all the trouble left on 14 and the match in the balance. What followed can only be described as ‘perfection’ – a low cutting iron shot punched around the tree landing into the tier one bounce forward and stop – 1ft from the hole. Applause erupted and one canny spectator said it all ‘best shot I have seen – do it again’. Conceding the birdie Steve, needing to hole his 3rd to half, hit a career chip that somehow defied gravity to stay out of the hole. A tremendous effort by the visitor, but not enough to stop the ‘Doc’ taking a 2 hole lead with just 4 to play. Another win on 15 saw Kirk in control 3 up with 3 to play but an errant tee shot into the penalty area short left son 16 aw Steve claim the hole with a bogey after Kirk’s first attempt to extricate himself from the pond proved unsuccessful. Even a great second attempt went unrewarded when his 2m bogey putt narrowly missed to the right of the hole. Now on the 17th tee with a full gallery of teammates, spectators and opponents surrounding the green, Steve’s tee shot fell short right of the green leaving a tricky chip. Kirk, keen to close out the match, hit a solid tee shot to the front right of the green and despite a great chip from Steve 2 putts were enough to secure the point 3/1 and complete a solid home victory. Stonecutters 5 Glenmore 2.

Meanwhile our two development players were locked in their own battle, Darcy Mackay started strongly leading 3 up early only to see Raymond Costello fight back hard to lead 1 up on the 18th tee. A sprayed tee shot by Raymond on the last meant all Darcy needed to do was find the fairway off the tee and the match would be squared which he duly did. Another good effort from both development players.

Another solid display saw Stonecutters move to 4 points (3 wins, 2 halves) and consolidate our position at the top of section 3. We had great support this week so thanks to all the members who gave of their time to watch this group go through their paces and those who passed on their congratulations on the club throughout the afternoon. We had our biggest crowd of the season and every one of them was greatly appreciated by the boys.

Following lunch word trickled down the grapevine that Bankstown had defeated Cromer 4-3 in the other match of the day in our section. This enabled our group to achieve the 2nd goal we set ourselves at the start of the season – to play a final series. With one match remaining Stonecutters cannot be caught by any of the 3 teams below this regardless of what results come to bear next Sunday.

This coming Sunday our final match of the regular season is at Glenmore Heritage with a 10am tee time. Why not come and support the team as they fight to achieve the highest seeding possible for the semis and to remain as the ONLY undefeated team in Division 2 for the regular season.

Look at your diaries now and block out Sunday 14th March for a Stonecutters Ridge Men’s Major Pennant Semi-Final. It’s the first time since 2017 we have made the final series and we are aiming to go one better than that great 2017 team and get through to the final battle for the Division 2 Flag at Terrey Hills on March 21st . The semi-final venue will be Riverside Oaks and we will post the times and details once they are confirmed during the next week.

Men’s Major Pennants – Round 4

– Full Match Report vs Cromer @ Cromer

After the round 3 draw at home, preparation was the key for the return round 4 match away at Cromer. The squad put in a solid week of practice including our weekly training on Wednesday and some making the trip out to Cromer for practice. There was a fair amount of soul searching and strategising as a win at Cromer could set up our season, however it was never going to come easy. The tight and demanding layout of Cromer, last visited in the 2018 pennant season, had dealt us a narrow 4 match to 3 loss. This week we welcomed young Ryan Cadle back into the playing group, which strengthened our line up. A slight adjustment was made to our playing order by Ryan Suckling moving from 7 to 1 and all other players sliding 1 slot down the order.

With a full Stonecutters Express, trailer in tow, we left home base, along with some loyal and hardy spectators just after 5 am and navigated our route to the northern Beaches. Arriving just after daybreak our whole group assembled at the back of the eighth screen resolute and united in our goal to enjoy our day no matter what – and take whatever result came our way at the end of play.

Stonecutters Number 7 Ryan Cadle, with Steve Wilde on the bag, got us underway right on 7am following the winning of the toss by captain for the day, Harrison Wilde. Winning the first hole to go one up Ryan’s opponent, Cromer’s Pat Bremmer then won both the second and third holes to take a one-hole lead which he held until Ryan won the seventh to square the match. On the difficult eighth hole Ryan’s approach left him with a difficult up-and-down from back left of the tricky green. Unfortunately, despite Ryan’s best efforts, Pat’s par re-established his 1 up lead at the 8th hole break. On the long par 3 ninth hole Ryan’s great tee shot set up a win to again bring the match level. Pat hit back immediately again winning 10 and a run of halves followed until Ryan stepped up and birdied 14 to square the match once more. Ryan then went on to win 15 to get his first taste of the lead since the the 1st hole. Following both players pars on the par 5 16th and great tee shots by both players on 17 the match was poised. Following some close consultation with caddy Steve, Ryan selected a five iron approach which he calmly hit to the back edge of the green. Pat now under some serious under pressure pulled his approach shot into the large tree to the left of the green but with a miraculous chip to 3 m put himself immediately back into the hole. Ryan putted to gimme distance and then Pat calmly holed his putt to keep himself in the match. Heading to the 18th, a tight par 3, 1 up Ryan steadied himself and hit a solid tee shot into the front right section of the green. Pat then followed with another great shot into the middle back right of the green. Ryan’s first putt was slightly high and long leaving a tricky, right to left, 1m putt to save par. Pat’s birdie putt missed but was close enough to be conceded by the Stonecutters player. Taking their time, Ryan and Steve carefully surveyed the putt and, with great aplomb, Ryan then stepped up and binned it to close it out. A fantastic one up win to our young junior who was behind most of the day but came through in the clutch. Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club 1 Cromer 0

Craig Baird, at 6, started slowly losing the first two holes to his opponent Gab Baliu. With Bob Mcintyre on the bag, Craig fought back winning 3 and 4 to square the match. Halves on 5 and 6 and another win had Craig one up at eight-hole break. Following a half on 9, Gab snatched a win on 11, to halve the match which is where it stayed until Craig won 12 with a birdie to retain his one up lead. This birdie putt marked a string of great putts by Craig who salvaged a half on 13, via a 5m putt from just off the front fringe. This was followed by a 1m putt on 14 to half, after finding his tee shot in a deep fairway divot off the tee. On the par 3 15th hole Craig’s tee shot barely passed the cadet markers after striking a tree, however, after another great chip he binned his par putt to again salvage a half. Holding his 1up lead playing the par 5 16th , an errant approach from Craig found the water short of the green, enabled Gab to secure the win with a par. With the match now square the pair calmly both secured pars on the 17th hole for the match to go to the par 3 18th all square. Gab, with the honour, struck a solid iron shot to 5m right and above the 18th pin. Craig‘s tee shot found the right trees mid-flight dropping down onto the fairway a good 40 m short of the pen. A great chip from Craig saw his ball settle a metre from the whole with a good chance to make his par and claim the half. Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell Gab who then calmly stroked home his birdie putt to claiming the match 1 up for the home team. Stonecutters 1 Cromer 1.

At number five, undefeated Will Blomley faced Tony Bradley from Cromer. Was Tony to be the next victim of the ‘Machine’ – only time would tell. Well to be fair it did not take that long. With ‘Chunk ‘on the bag, Will again exploded out of the blocks with a 4 hole lead after just 5 which grew to 5up when won the 8th hole with a solid par after his opponent found trouble. Tony after the break hit back to win the par 3 9th but Will immediately re-established his dominance winning 10 to regain his 5 hole lead. Tony won 13 to reduce the deficit to 4 but the machine rolled on winning 14 to close out his match 5/4. Another dominant display from our esteemed country scholarship holder who again finished his match under par, at his first ever look, at the tough Cromer layout. Stonecutters 2 Cromer 1.

Kade Webber, at 4 squared off against Cromer veteran Shane Floyd who returned to the Cromer team after missing the previous week. This was going to be a tough assignment for the young Stonecutters gun and Shane immediately put the screws on, winning the first to lead 1up. Kade, in true Stonecutters style steadied and following halves on 2 and 3 drew back level with a win on the par 3 4th hole. Two further wins before the break found Kade 2up in the clubhouse with a very content caddy in Brent Young enjoying the ride. Kade went out determined to build his lead on the back 10 and by 11 had secured a 3up lead which he held until closing out the match with a win on the par 3 15th hole to secure the valuable point for the Stonecutters team. Stonecutters 3 Cromer 1.

Ryan Suckling at 1, faced Cromer’s Corey Rae in a battle that was always going to be a tough ask for the great team man and experienced campaigner. Undeterred Ryan, and caddy Gary Richards, headed out full of energy but Corey was just playing better golf. By the 3rd hole Corey had established a 2 hole led that by the break had grown to 5up. Still sporting a positive attitude Ryan went out on the back 10 determined to fight all the way which he did, but Corey was just too strong on the day closing out the match 8/6 on 12. Whilst disappointed with his game Ryan was very much aware of how his move to the number 1 this spot had enabled the group to be in a winning position with just 2 matches left on course. Stonecutters 3 Cromer 2

Number 3, Harrison Wilde, with Matt Horton hauling the clubs, faced Cromer’s Simon Gee in a crucial matchup. Simon started well leading 2up after 3 but slipped up on 4 allowing Harry’s par to win the hole and reduce the lead to 2. Simon then won 5 to re-establish the 2 hole buffer but Harry hit back winning 7 and 8 to go into the break all square. It remained tight until the 11th hole when Simon once again took the lead 1up.

Meanwhile the number 2’s, Stonecutters Kirk Buckley and Cromer’s captain James Ponder were in a battle of their own. With the first two holes halved, Kirk’s approach to the par 5 3rd hole found the back trap whilst James was on the green in regulation just 6m past the pin. With a daunting bunker shot from a tough stance, downhill with the creek just beyond the green the Stonecutters Club Champ to the delight of the Stonecutter’s manager and the gathered spectators saw his bunker shot clear the trap, hit the green and roll down the hill into the cup. Nice read and club choice by caddy and life member Steve Buckley! The gathered Cromer cheer squad fell silent, the Cromer captain clearly stunned was enable to match the birdie and Kirk took the lead 1up which he held until the 8th hole break. James came out after the break and won 9 only to see Kirk go on a great stretch winning 10,11 and 12 to establish a 3up heading down to the 13th hole. James won 13 to reduce the deficit to just 2 but Kirk immediately struck back winning 14 to lead 3 up with 4 holes to play.

Following a run of halves Harry found himself still one down playing the par 5 16th hole when his opponent Simon holed a solid birdie putt really putting the acid on Harry and Matt who now faced a 20 footer that had to drop or they would find themselves dormie, 2 down with 2 to play. With great assurance Harry struck his putt and as it neared the hole the ball slowed and, from the left edge, paused looked into the cup and thought that’s the spot for me. Birdie !, half and 1 down with one to play Harry strode to the 17th tee with the applause of the gathered Stonecutters throng ringing in his ears. Both players struck solid tee shots into the middle of the fairway on the par 4 17th and as they left the tee the number two’s approached the 16th green. After halving the 15th Kirk was in the box seat to bring home the bacon for the visitors and with a fully assembled gallery holed out to secure the game for Stonecutters 3/2 and the match. Stonecutters 4 Cromer 2.

Harrison and Matt noting the win by Kirk now set about trying to bring home another point for the visitors to consolidate the great win. After a poor approach that found the left tree Harry executed a great chip to a foot that Simon conceded leaving him with a 3m downhill putt for birdie to secure the game for Cromer. Striking his putt gently the ball gathered speed just missing the right edge and carrying on a good 1.5m past the hole leaving a tricky one coming back for the half. As he had done all day Simon binned the putt and walked to the 18th 1up. Simons tee shot found the rough left of the green leaving a difficult chip to try and get up and down whilst Harry found the green with his tee shot. Simon’s chip was difficult and despite his best efforts was unable to secure his par leaving Harry with a 1m putt to win the hole and secure a well fought half for the team. As expected, the ball found the bottom of the cup and after playing the last 5 holes in 3 under Harry completed a great comeback to secure the victory for Stonecutters 4.5 to Cromer’s 2.5.

A rousing performance from the team and great thanks to our spectators who trudged all the way over to Cromer and supported the group. Special thanks to Alex, Mark, Byron and Mark!

The Stonecutters express was a very happy bus on the trip home to Stonecutters and some well-earned celebrations were had back at home base that Sunday evening. Stonecutters top of the section with two games to play.

Men’s Major Pennants – Sunday 14th February 2021

– Round 3 Summary Report vs Cromer @ Stonecutters

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club DREW Cromer Golf Club 3.5 games to 3.5 games

  1. Kirk Buckley LOST TO Corey Rae 2 Down
  2. Harrison Wilde HALVED James Ponder
  3. Kade Webber DEF Simon Gee 5/4
  4. Will Blomley DEF Jedd Thomas 8/6
  5. Craig Baird DEF Gab Baciu 4/3
  6. Ryan Suckling LOST TO Tony Bradley 4/2
  7. Nick Ferrer LOST TO Patrick Brimmer 3/1

Men’s Major Pennants – Round 3 – Full Match Report vs Cromer @ Stonecutters

After a wet and windy Stonecutters Cup on Saturday, Sunday dawned calm and clear as we welcomed Cromer Golf Club to Stonecutters Ridge for round three of the 2021 Men’s Major Metropolitan Pennants. The Stonecutters team had a reshuffle this week with Ryan Cadle unavailable to pla and with both teams tied at the top with 1.5 points each it was bound to be a close encounter.

Following on from some great home form in recent weeks, Nick Ferrer with Colin Gallen on the bag, debuted at number seven against Pat Bremmer from Cromer. Pat started well winning the first and third holes, with Nick striking back on 4, only to then lose 5, 7 and 9 before the turn to stand on the 10th tee 4 down. With calmness and resolution Nick fought back with a birdie on 11 and followed that with a win on 13 to get back to 2 down.  Pat then countered winning 14 which Nick immediately reversed on 15. Following a half on 16 Pat closed out the first match in Cramer’s favour 3/1 with a great up and down from the right of 17. Stonecutters 0 Cromer 1.

Our number 6, Ryan Suckling also had a rough start losing the first 2 holes to his opponent Tony Bradley from Cromer. Further losses on 5 and 7 followed by a welcome win on 9 had Ryan, and caddy Gary Richards, 3 down at the turn. Following a loss on 10 the match turned into a ‘square-fest’ with Ryan eventually snagging 15 to get back to 3 down with 3 to play. Unfortunately, it was not enough as Tony closed out the match on 16 4/2. Stonecutters 0 Cromer 2 and a great start for the visitors.

Craig Baird, at 5, started like a house on fire winning the first 4 holes to give bagman Bob McIntyre a rare glimpse at an early finish. Gab Baliu from Cromer then kicked into gear winning 5,7 and 8 to dash Bob’s hope of an early day. After winning 10 to re-establish a 2 hole lead Craig found himself back to 1 up when Gab won 12 and the match tightened yet again. I am unsure as to what Bob said on the 13th tee but a chastened Craig then won 3 holes straight to close out the match 4/3 on 15 and earn Stonecutters our first point of the day. Stonecutters 1 Cromer 2

The ‘Machine’ (Will Blomley) at 4, with experienced campaigner Daniel ‘Chunky’ Williams on the bag literally exploded out the blocks winning 1, 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 9 to leave his opponent, Jedd Thomas, reeling at half way facing a 6 hole deficit. The ‘Machine’ showed no mercy on the back nine to the stunned Cromer player, winning 10 and 12, to record a career best 8/6 victory. Stonecutters 2 Cromer 2 and the home team are back in the hunt.

Kade Webber, with captain Brent Young in able support, took the lead in the number 3 match early winning 1. His opponent, Simeon Gee from Cromer, struck back immediately winning 2 but Kade then won 4 and then following a magnificent half (despite finding water off the 5th tee right) on 5 won 6 to eventually turn 2up at 9. Wins on 11, 13 and 14 had Kade shaking hands with a tidy 3 under par and a solid 5/4 victory from the Stonecutters junior. Stonecutters 3 Cromer 2.

Harrison Wilde, at 2, faced Cromer captain James Ponder and what a dogfight of a match was had. With Matt Horton on the bag nothing could separate these two as they halved the first 4 holes, until James won 5 to take the lead 1up. Harry hit back immediately, winning 6 to square the match until James once again took the lead winning 8. Harry then picked up the pace winning 9, 10 and 11 on a great run to take a 2hole lead. James in true fighting style countered with wins on 12 and 13 to again have the match square with just 5 holes to play. A missed opportunity for Harry on 15 halves in pars before James then won 16 with a par to take a 1 shot lead with a just two holes to play. After a solid shot by James to just 5m on 17 Harry stood poised over his tee shot with the teams hopes on his shoulders. The crowd behind 17 roared as Harry’s tee shot soared towards the pin landing just 6“from the flag and settled just 2’ from the pin. After James narrowly missed his birdie attempt Harry calmly holed his birdie to again see the match square with just 18 to play.

Meanwhile number 1 Kirk Buckley was in a dogfight of his own against Corey Rae from Cromer. With Steve Buckley on the bag, the number ones traded wins on every one the first 5 holes leaving Corey 1 up standing on the 6th tee. Corey further extended his lead to  2up after winning 8. Our club champion, as expected, rallied on the back none winning 11 and 16 to get the match back to square with just 2 holes remaining.

On 18 the number 2’s had both teed off with James in the fairway and Harry further down towards the green but up against the left long grass. Both players left their approach shots short of the green with Harry having the longest chip from around 15m short left side in the first cut of rough. Harry executed a wonderful chip to just a meter from the hole, then matched by James with his chip leaving him a slightly longer but tricky downhill putt for par. Both players calmly holed their putts to square the game and leave the match poised at Stonecutters 3.5 Cromer 2.5 with just the number 1’s to finish.

On 17 Kirk failed to get up and down for a par just missing his par putt and Corey took the hole with a solid par that was never in doubt. Standing on 18, Corey found the fairway leaving Kirk to try and match his effort. Unfortunately, Kirk’s tee shot found the left long grass and after taking his penalty drop and then watching Corey hit the middle of the green with his approach, Kirk conceded the match and leaving the points split for the day.  Stonecutters 3.5 Cromer 3.5 and both teams remain atop the section with 2.5 points and Cromer ahead by 2 individual games.

Whilst disappointed not to secure another home victory the boys are upbeat and ready to go to Cromer next week and go one better than Cromer did today and get an elusive away victory and a full point on the board.

Special thanks to Nick (and Col) who acquitted himself well in his first major’s appearance and did his utmost for the team and his club. As usual the team had great support from a loyal band of members and family who again gave of their time to spectate and encourage the team. Special thanks to them and the course super who, despite the poor conditions of the previous 24hrs, delivered a well setup and presented course that was complimented by the visiting team.

Men’s Major Pennants – Sunday 7th February 2021

 – Round 2 Summary Report vs Bankstown @ Bankstown

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club DRAW Bankstown Golf Club 3.5 games to 3.5 games

  1. Kirk Buckley DEF Shane Luke 4/3
  2. Harrison Wilde LOST TO Sean Underwood 2/1
  3. Kade Webber DEF Alec Seymour 2 Up
  4. Will Blomley DEF Cody Riley 1 Up
  5. Craig Baird LOST TO Luis Killen 5/4
  6. Ryan Cadle SQ Jake Lloyd
  7. Ryan Suckling LOST TO Sam York 4/3

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Men’s Major Pennants – Round 2 – Full Match Report vs Bankstown @ Bankstown

‘Twas a foggy start to Men’s Major Metropolitan Pennants at the always well-prepared Bankstown Golf Club in Round 2 of season 2021. An early 6.24am first tee time had the Stonecutters boys all arriving in the dark, with only a small amount of preparation time, before play was underway. The team had prepared well during the week and were ready for a torrid battle against a Bankstown team who had made some significant changes to their order following last week’s result at Stonecutters. Shane Luke came into the Bankstown side in the number 1 position and seasoned No1 player Alec Seymour dropped to 3, allowing all other players to drop down one spot strengthening their bottom end. Stonecutters went into game unchanged and confident our order would ask plenty of questions of the home side.

Ryan Suckling at 7, lost the first hole, to a massive 20m birdie putt holed by his opponent. Ryan, with Richo on the bag, rallied with halves until the par 3 7th where his tee shot found trouble right of the green affording Sam York the opportunity to take a 2up lead into the par 4 8th hole. With Sam finding his own troubles on 8 Ryan’s solid par was enough to halve the deficit and another half on 9 found Ryan 1 down at the turn. Sam won the par 5 12th hole taking a 2 up lead which was extended to 3up after winning 14. On the par 3 15th Sam found the green but in serious 3 putt territory with a birdie putt well in excess of 20m short of the pin. Ryan tee shot was magnificent giving him a good look at birdie from 4m pin high left and a real chance to change the momentum. Sam then calmly, as he did on the first, holed another monster birdie putt leaving Ryan with his just to stay in the match. Unfortunately, Ryan’s putt did not drop, and Bankstown took the first point of the day. Ryan and Gary fought hard all day but Sam, to his credit, came up with the goods when he needed them. Bankstown 1 Stonecutters 0

After a solid victory at home young Ryan Cadle at 6 was pitted against Jake Lloyd from Bankstown. Jake got off to good start winning the first hole but Ryan struck back immediately winning 2. Solid golf from both players saw 3 and 4 halved. Ryan then went on a good run winning 2 of the next three holes to take a 2up lead after 7 but Jake then countered winning 8 to reduce Ryan’s lead to 1up, which he held until the turn. A win on the par 3 11th saw Ryan’s 2up lead re-established but Jake fought back hard winning 12 and 13 to square the match with just 5 holes remaining. On the par 5 14th hole nothing separated the two players and they walked to the 15th hole still all square. Ryan, with Steve Wilde ably assisting, then stepped up winning the hole to take a 1up lead with just 3 holes remaining. On 16 both players could not find the green in regulation and both failed to get up and down halving the hole. On the short par 4 17th Ryan tee shot split the middle of the fairway, leaving a short wedge to middle left pin. Jake on the other hand found trouble right off the tee leaving a long approach over trees for his second. A very solid shot from Jake found the front left trap whilst Ryan’s approach was solid leaving him a 3m birdie putt. Jake rallied again, nearly holing his bunker shot, and forcing Ryan to hole his birdie putt to win the match. Ryan’s putt narrowly missed the left lip but running a solid meter past the hole. Now faced with a testing return putt to maintain his one shot advantage, Ryan binned his return putt taking his one hole advantage to the testing 18th hole. Both players hit solid drives into the 18th fairway and Ryan found himself with the first shot into the 18th green. With a solid crowd gathered, Ryan’s approach fell short and right of the hole leaving a very difficult up and down to the back-right pin. Jake followed up with a solid approach finding the middle of the green much to the home crowds liking. Having to take relief from a cart path, Cadle and Wilde, discussed options and a bump and run approach from around 30m was decided and then executed to perfection leaving Ryan with a great chance for par from just 3m.  Jake, as expected, rolled his birdie putt to gimme distance leaving Ryan with the putt to close out the match. Ryan’s putt was firm and straight, got a good piece of the hole, but did not drop. Jake’s fighting half was well appreciated by his teammates and the crowd as was Ryan’s effort by his manager and teammates. A real dogfight this match that showed just how hard it is to win away from your home course. Bansktown 1.5 Stonecutters 0.5.

Craig Baird at 5 started solidly in his number 5 match against Luis Killen. By the 7th hole the match was still square with both players playing good par golf. On 8, however, a wayward chip from Craig opened the door for Luis who then stepped up, nearly holed his chip, to take a 1 up lead into 9 that he held to the turn. Luis on 10 turned up the heat winning 3 holes straight to take a 4 hole lead with just 6 holes left to play. After halving 13, Luis closed out the match 5/4 on the par 5 14th, leaving with Craig and Bobby Mac 6 to lament a match that got away from them on the back nine. Bankstown 2.5 Stonecutters 0.5

Bankstown number 4, Cody Riley, bounced out the gates quickly leading 2 up after 3 against Will Blomley. With experienced campaigner and team captain, Daniel Williams, on the bag Will rallied clawing back then overtaking Cody starting at the 5th hole to stand on the 15th hole 2 up with 4 to play. Cody then hit back winning 15 with Will countering winning 16 to be 2up with just 2 to play. Cody then birdied 17 to cut the deficit to 1. On the 18th tee Cody with the honor found the left rough but evaded most of the trees. Will’s tee shot also drifted left into the rough, however, it stayed in the tree line leaving a green in regulation out of the question. After much deliberation Will punched a low/mid iron back out towards the right side of the green but well short leaving a 20m approach to the pin. Cody with some high branches meaning the left side of the green was really out of play hit a great shot that unfortunately did not quite come back to the pin and hitting the right back fringe bounced down and right leaving a tricky short sided chip from a downhill lie. Will, with a solid Stonecutters crew in tow, played a solid chip shot to leave himself a 3m putt for par putting the pressure back on the Bankstown number 4. Cody’s chip shot unfortunately was short and when he failed to hole his next, left Will with 2 putts to close out his match. However, it was not required as Cody conceded and Will in a great comeback put the first full point on the board for Stonecutters with a 2 up win much to his managers delight. Bankstown 2.5 Stonecutters 1.5.

Kade Webber at 3 faced a tough challenge this week with team captain Alec Seymour from Bankstown dropping down the order to secure a point for the home team. The first 5 holes were tough work, for Kade and caddy Brent Young, with Alec playing solid golf and Kade hanging in there with some magnificent up and downs to be square playing the par 5 6th. Alec birdied 6 to take a 1 hole lead but Kade immediately hit back on the long par 3 7th hole to get back to square where the match stayed until Alex wrested back the lead on 12. Kade rallied again on 13 to square the match then birdies had him winning 14 and 15 to take a 2up lead with just 3 to play.

Meanwhile Harrison Wilde was in his own dogfight at number 2 with Sean Underwood from Bankstown. Sean won the 1st hole to lead 1up which he held until Harry won 4 and 5 to u=turn the tables in Stonecutters favor. Sean then hit back winning 8 to square the match then followed that up on 12 with another win to lead 1up. Harry immediately countered winning 13 but Sean then secured 14 to retake the lead 1 up.

In the number 1 match Kirk Buckley faced up against, 9-time Australian Amputee Champion, Shane Luke. Shane took an early lead winning 2 but Kirk hit back immediately winning 3. Despite some great up and down golf from Shane over the next three holes the match eventually started to turn Kirks favor as he played solid golf to win 7, 8 and 9 to turn 3up. Shane rallied winning 11 to cut the deficit to 2, however, Kirk maintained his control of the match and closed it out on15 winning 4/3. Club Champion Kirk, with Steve Buckley on the bag remain undefeated at 1 and drew the match level Bankstown 2.5 Stonecutters 2.5 with just two matches left on course.

Kade Webber, meanwhile, had halved 16 to maintain his 2up lead and the 17th green found both players on the green in regulation, Alec around 20ft from the pin and Kade just 5 ft after a magnificent approach. Alec putting first binned his birdie putt to the Bankstown crowds delight putting the pressure on Kade to hole his 5 footer to close the match out. Agonizingly, Kade’s putt missed reducing his lead to just 1 with 1 to play.

In the number 2 match halves on 15 and 16 had them heading up 17 with Sean holding a one hole lead. Despite Harry and caddy Matt Horton’s best efforts, Sean closed out the match in Bankstown’s favor 2/1 taking the home side to a 3.5 to 2.5 lead with only the number 3 match remaining to be decided.

Alec with the honor on 18 found the left trees leaving the door ajar for Kade who with a magnificent driver flew the fairway trap and settled in the middle of the 18th fairway just a 9 iron from the green. Alec arrived at his ball with no real shot to the green and was unable to fully extract himself from the trees for his second. Kade’s well struck approach found the middle of the green putting him well in control of the hole but Alex was not done yet. A good approach from the left rough left him a 3m putt for par and still with a chance should Kade 3 putt. With the words ‘two putt’ firmly planted in his head from both caddy and manager, Kade did what any self-respecting 16 year would do and knocked his birdie putt confidently 3 foot past the hole. After marking his ball Alec then left his par putt well short, conceding the hole and the match to Kade 2 up. A wonderful effort from Kade and proof that the best way to come back from a loss at home is to work hard and reverse the result on their home track.

So, the final result sheet reads Bankstown 3.5 Stonecutters Ridge 3.5. A great played in great spirit. I am sure this Bankstown team will be in the hunt come the end of the regular season. A good start for our boys but with Cromer leading the section and them next up for the team, home then away, there is still a lot of hard work to consolidate the efforts of the first two weeks.

A big thank you to our caddies and loyal supporters – Mark, Byron, Dave and Ash – who spent their Sunday supporting the players and the manager with game updates throughout the morning.

Our two development players, Darcy Mackay and Raymond Costello, saw some very solid golf throughout the day and I am sure, learned a lot – winning away from home is hard and you need to dig in, fight and never give up – our boys gave them a great example of how to do that this week.

Bring on Cromer next Sunday at Stonecutters and we hope to see you out on the course !

Men’s Major Pennant – Sunday 31st January 2021

– Round 1 Summary Report vs Bankstown @ Stonecutters

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club DEFEAT Bankstown Golf Club by 4.5 games to 2.5 games

  1. Kirk Buckley SQ Alec Seymour
  2. Harrison Wilde DEF Sean Underwood 2/1
  3. Kade Webber LOST TO Cody Riley 4/2
  4. Will Blomley DEF Luis Killen 5/3
  5. Craig Baird LOST TO Jake Lloyd
  6. Ryan Cadle DEF Sam York 5/4
  7. Ryan Suckling DEF Stewart Pearson 3/1



Men’s Major Pennants – Round 1 –  Full Match Report vs Bankstown @ Stonecutters

Pennant Season 2021 dawned overcast and cool at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club. Bankstown Golf Club, new to Division 2 after over 6 years in Division 1, looked confident when they arrived and took to the practice fairway just after sunrise. The Stonecutters boys were excited and well prepared for a new season and new challenges.

This day saw two young debutants in Men’s Major Pennants, 18 year old Will Blomley and 16 year old Ryan Cadle, playing at 4 and 6 respectively, teeing it up for the Stonecutters team. The toss was won by Bankstown who chose to lead the way off the 1st tee.

Following the briefing by Club Captain Brent Young, play commenced at 7.00am with experienced campaigner Ryan Suckling at number 7 and caddy Gary Richards ably supporting. Ryan kicked off his season with a win on the first hole and held his one up lead until Stewart, his opponent, won 7 to even the match. Immediately, Ryan hit back winning 8, 9 and 10 to establish a solid 3 up lead. Stewart responded quickly with birdies on 11 and 12 to reduce Ryan’s lead to 1 up. By the 15th tee Ryan had added another win to lead 2 up and with another birdie on 15 extended his lead to 3 up with 3 to play. Unfortunately, Ryan’s tee shot on 16 found the pond resulting in him standing on the 17th tee 2 up. After his opponent found the front trap off the tee Ryan dialed in a magnificent 7 iron to 2.5m to secure the first point for Stonecutters 3/1 to applause from his manager and able assistant on the day Les Szkirpan. Stonecutters 1 Bankstown 0.

Our number 6, Ryan Cadle, with caddy Steve Wilde on the bag, stood calmly on the 1st tee. With an audience of around 30 players, caddies and spectators Ryan boldly stepped to the tee and got himself down the first with a cleverly executed dome that easily cleared the front garden bed setting up a solid 3 wood for his second from 450m out. A solid 3 wood later he stepped up again with same club and, clearly still unhappy with his first effort, executed an even better dome for his third. Satisfied now with his ability to execute that shot, he calmly hit is approach to 8m and holed his putt for par to win the hole and kickstart his pennant journey. Opponent Sam York won the second to square the match, however, Ryan hit back immediately winning 3 to restore his 1 up lead.  Now well into his rhythm Ryan won 5, 6 and 7 to extend his lead to 4 up standing on 8. After losing 8 Ryan won 9 and followed that with a half on 10 to see his 4 up lead still holding on the 11th tee. After a good tee shot that landed just shy of the green, to a very tricky front pin, Ryan unfortunately failed to get up and down thus reducing his lead to 3 up. By the 14th tee Ryan had restored his 4 up advantage and closed out his match 5/4 with a win on the 14th hole. A great debut from Ryan and the only suggestion from the teammates was to use the range for dome practice and look for a new hairdresser! This wonderful effort by Ryan and Steve had Stonecutters 2 leading Bankstown 0.

Craig Baird, with Bob McIntyre on the bag, started with a solid win on the first hole which he held in a very close tussle to the turn. Losing 10 to go back to square the match stayed that way until 15 which Craig won to take a 1 up lead heading into 16. Leaving his tee shot right of the green his opponent Jake Lloyd hit a magnificent iron shot to 4m putting the heat on the wizened senior. Craig rose to the occasion with a great up and down to halve the hole and maintain his 1 up lead into 17. After leaving himself a long birdie attempt that he went very close to holing Craig saw his return 1m putt miss agonizingly left and the match was back to all square going down 18.

Meanwhile, debutant Will Blomley with Daniel Williams on his bag, started strongly at number 4 winning the first three holes followed by 8 and 9 to turn 5 up. With Will winning 11 to go 6 up his opponent, Luis Killen, launched into action to win both 12 and 14, with a great birdie, but still found himself trailing Will 4 down with 4 to go. Following a great tee shot, Wills approach, to the par 5 15th, narrowly clearly the front right pot and rolled down to solid 10m from the hole. Calmly holing his eagle putt Will closed his debut out a solid 5/3 winner. Great golf from the youngster with the oldster in support! Stonecutters 3 Bankstown 0

Back on 18 both number 5’s found themselves in play following their tee shots, with Craig a fair way back and Jake just short of the right fairway bunker. Craig’s 3 wood approach left a tricky chip from just short and right of the high side right bunker. Jake’s approach found the green but still found himself with some work to do with a tricky uphill 15m putt left to secure his par. Craig chipped to 2 meters just left and under the middle left pin. Jake’s first putt fell just over a meter short leaving Craig with a putt to secure the half and put the pressure on Jake to hole his to evade a loss. Unfortunately, Craig’s putt grazed the left edge and lipped out leaving Jake with his 4 footer to put Bankstown on the board, which he expertly executed to the joy of the visiting team and Kieran their manager. Stonecutters 3 Bankstown 1.

After a stellar performance in 2020, Kade Webber was promoted to number 3 and with Club Captain Brent Young on the bag faced Cody Riley from Bankstown. Cody won the 1st hole and the 5th hole with a birdie to lead 2 up. Kade fought back winning 6 and the two duked it out over the next few holes until 11 where another birdie from Cody reestablished his 2-hole lead. Cody followed that up by winning 12 to extend his lead to 3 up. Kade fought gallantly but eventually succumbed to a great day out for Cody on 16 losing 4/2. Cody who finished well under par for his 16 holes was a deserved winner. Another strong performance from Kade showed both his teammates, spectators and his manager what stern stuff he is made of. Stonecutters 3 Bankstown 2.

With the match now tightening and Bankstown halting our early momentum the result hung in the balance with the 1 and 2 matches left to decide the day. The manager, whilst confident, was taking in a few deep breaths to calm those around him.

Harrison Wilde at 2, was behind early with 2 great birdies on 1 and 2 from his opponent Sean Underwood. Standing on the 3rd tee with caddy (and assistant manager) Matt Horton, the boys refocused and pushed back with a 4 hole run of wins to walk to the 7th tee 2 up for a wonderful early round comeback. By 10 Harry had extended his lead to 3 up but Sean hit back on 11 and 12 to tighten the contest to just a one-hole lead for Harry which was how it stayed until the 17th hole. After both players tee shots found the 17th green, Sean’s 8m birdie putt was unsuccessful leaving Harrison and Matt to carefully survey his 5m putt to win both his match and get that valuable 4 matches on the board. With the green surrounded by spectators and both teams the crowd roared (well most of them) as Harrisons putt found the bottom of the hole to bring home the bacon with a birdie and hard fought 2/1 win. A solid knock from our vice-captain and great contest from both players with a sigh of relief from the manager. It was noted by many that our number 5’s cheer was definitely the loudest – Stonecutters 4 Bankstown 2.

Club Champion Kirk Buckley, with father Steve on his bag, was pitted against Alec Seymour, a seasoned Div 1 No 1. After 5 halved holes to start the day Kirk took the lead on 6 to go 1up but over the next 5 holes Alec came swinging back to lead Kirk 1 up after 11 holes. The closeness of this match was what real no 1 matches are made of. After trading halves with pars and birdies from 12 through the 15, the 16th hole saw Alec’s tee shot find the hazard. The opening presented Kirk then played a great tee shot to just 5m from the hole and got his match back to square standing on the 17th tee. Kirk calmly stood on 17 and knocked his tee shot to under 3m from the hole to the crowd’s great pleasure. Alec then found the green with his tee shot but not as close as Kirk. After Alec narrowly missed his birdie putt Kirks birdie attempt also just missed on the right lip, however he calmly holed his 2-3 footer coming back for the half. The match came down to the 18th with a full gallery of spectators, players and caddies. Solid tee and approach shots left both players with birdie attempts, however both came up empty and they shook hands with a well fought half to both teams.

Stonecutters Ridge 4.5 Bankstown 2.5.

A fantastic match contested in great spirit and camaraderie: a credit to both clubs.  A wonderful start to the season for Stonecutters with a win over a very competent team from Bankstown. Special thanks go to all our spectators and members who showed an interest, both during the contest and afterwards in the club. Also special thanks to Mark Cadle and Byron Brasier who assisted with score updates throughout the match along with our Greens Staff who ably prepared the course that was greatly appreciated by our visitors and our team.

Men’s Major Pennant – Final Pre-Season Trial Match Report vs Twin Creeks @ Stonecutters

On Sunday January 24, on a brutally hot summers day, our men’s major pennant team had their final hit-out prior to next week’s season opener (vs Bankstown) at home.

After last week’s win at Twin Creeks the men were focused on a strong defence of ‘fortress Stonecutters’ against a Twin Creeks team hell bent on revenge for their loss at home last week.

Clearly the preparation and effort by your players, in the pre-season, paid handsome dividends yesterday with a  comprehensive victory to the tune of 7.5 matches to 2.5 matches.

Individual results were as follows:

  1. Harrison Wilde DEF Matt Devries 4/3
  2. Kirk Buckley DEF Chris Moreton 5/4
  3. Kade Webber DEF Ben Michelmore 6/5
  4. Kris Clelland DEF John Glasheen 1 Up
  5. Ryan Cadle DEF Wayne Loveridge 3/1
  6. Ryan Suckling SQ Jeremy White
  7. Will Blomley DEF James Tolomeo 6/4
  8. Craig Baird DEF Paul Borg 4/3
  9. Darcy Mackay LOST Chris Macmillan 2/1
  10. Raymond Costello LOST Tyrone Emtage 5/4

Both development players can hold their heads high with their efforts yesterday against seasoned pennant players, and former Twin Creeks Club Champions. Darcy Mackay was in his match all day and even after a poor start Raymond Costello rallied to hold his own over the last 10 holes of his match. Harrison Wilde and Kade Webber were both 4 under par and Will Blomley was 1 under par when they closed their matches out. Some quality golf was on show from all players and Kirk Buckley’s strong 1 under for the last 10 holes in match closed out his match with great aplomb.

A huge thank you to our caddies, who braved the weather conditions, and supported their players magnificently. To the club and club staff for the hospitality enjoyed with our Twin Creek rivals and to the greens staff for both the quality and of the course and the pennant pin positions we thank you all.

Pre-Season aside Sunday 31st January is where the rubber hits the road. Bankstown, who suffered relegation from Div 1 last year will be a strong challenge, even on our home track. The boys are well aware that pre-season form means nothing, especially when coming up against a team looking to reassert itself after a disappointing last season. Continuing to work hard this week at the NSW Amateur on the Central Coast and in training on Wednesday our team will endeavour to be as well prepared as possible to give a good account of themselves and represent Stonecutters to the best of their ability.

If you want to support your club and see some high-quality golf why not come out and spend some time watching our elite players on Sunday.

Maybe arrive a couple of hours early and watch a few holes if you are playing on the day or, if not, just come out lend your support.

Matches commence at 7am and should be completed by midday.

If you have ever played representative golf for your club you will know how much spectator support means.

– Steve Baird


Men’s Major Pennant – Update for Members
By Steve Baird

I am sure all members will be pleased to know that the 2021 Stonecutters Men’s Majors squad has been working hard since the team announcement was made in early December 2020.

For those who may have missed the announcement the squad is as follows:

  • Daniel Williams (c)
  • Harrison Wilde (vc)
  • Kirk Buckley
  • Kade Webber
  • Kris Clelland
  • Will Blomley
  • Ryan Cadle
  • Craig Baird

Development Players added to the squad for 2021 were Raymond Costello and Darcy Mackay. A few weeks ago a shoulder injury sustained by Daniel Williams has seen Ryan Suckling added to the squad.

Our weekly training sessions commenced a couple of weeks ago on Wednesday the 6th January.

On Sunday 17th January,  the team kicked of their preparation for 2021 with a pre-season away match to Twin Creeks. With Twin Creeks the winners of the 2020 Division 2 flag and playing Division 1 this year, the boys were very keen to put their best foot forward, especially after our wins against them on both last years pre-season matches. On a much more pleasant day than last year (NO bushfire smoke, NO 45deg heat and NO 40kph winds) the Stonecutters men prevailed 5.5 to 2.5 with some good solid golf from all the team.
Winners on the day were Kirk Buckley 3/2, Harrison Wilde 1 Up, Kade Webber 6/4, Ryan Suckling 2/1, Ryan Cadle 5/4. Craig Baird had a half and our two losses went to the 17th and 18th holes respectively. Young Darcy Mackay was a very impressive 1 under par when he closed out his match 7/6 in the development player challenge.

Our caddie group also put themselves through their paces and with a few new player caddy combinations got some valuable course time to hone those very important partnerships. Caddies on Sunday were Bob Macintyre, Gary Richards, Mark Cadle, Steve Wilde, Matt Horton, Daniel Williams, Steve Buckley and Brent Young. Special thanks to them and also our Stonecutters spectators Ash Mackay and Col Gallen who came out and spent their Sunday morning supporting the club and the group.

This coming Sunday morning we host Twin Creeks for our last pre season match and I expect a Twin Creeks team hell bent on revenge so our men will need to kick up a gear to hold them off this Sunday.

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