Posted on: 10 June


Winter Grass

We are seeing a pleasing result from the recent chemical application to eradicate the winter grass from the green surrounds. While we still need to be mindful that this chemical can be harmful to our greens if overused, we are confident that results are being achieved. We will do a second application to the worst affected areas in the coming weeks.
We ask that members refrain from digging out the winter grass and leaving it near the green where it impacts play for your fellow members.

Re-construction of 11th hole bunkers

Work  is due to commence on Monday 7th June and be completed in 2 weeks weather permitting. During the construction period, the 11th hole will be out of play Monday – Friday but back in play on Saturday and Sunday with only the bunkers being out of play. While the hole is out of play (Mon-Fri) the 15th hole will be split into a temporary par 3 and short par 5.
When recording your scores, the temporary par 3 should be recorded as the 11th hole and the temporary par 5 as the 15th hole.

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