Posted on: 22 June

The Stonecutters Golfing Week That Was!

Congratulations to all of our competition winners this past week:

Monday 14th June 2021

2BBB Winners – Md Sahazad and Darshan Shivalkar, Rob Attwood and Daniel Williams (Scr)

Singles Winners – Raymond Costello (A Grade), Andre Korte (B Grade), James Dwyer (C Grade)

Life Members Shield – Phil Cue and Nic Ferrer

Tuesday 15th June 2021

2BBB Winners – Val Duncan and Bill Duncan, David Mulhall and Matthew Tey (Scr)

Singles Winners – Ray Morrison (A Grade), Jyong Jo (B Grade), Frank Ingegnari (C Grade)

Thursday 17th June 2021

2BBB Winners – Ben Penfold and Matthew Stewart – Brookes, Matthew Horton and Harrison Wilde (Scr)

Singles Winners – Ken Rush (A Grade), Ray Clelland (B Grade), Victor Ramirez (C Grade)

Friday 18th June 2021

Singles Winner – Maddy Hegarty

Saturday 19th June 2021

Ashlar Cup – 1st – Kerry Sampson, 2nd – Brad Webb, 3rd – Gary Raab

Scratch – B Grade – Jeff Brown, C Grade – Bob McIntyre

Sunday 20th June 2021

2BBB Winners – Paul Shillcock and Anthony Gray

Singles Winners – Jyong Jo (A Grade), Paul Shillcock(B Grade)


Foursomes Championships Round 1

Kade Webber and Maddy Hegarty (A Grade), Shannon Webber and Marc Webber (B Grade)

Jenny Ryu and Andy Seo (A Grade Nett), Gus Dannoun and Yvonne Bell (B Grade Nett)

Master Pennant – 3.5– 4.5 Loss against Monash at Stonecutters Ridge


Congratulations to the Following Players for a “Great Score”

  • Les Szkirpan, Eagle at 8
  • Ray Morrison, Eagle at 14

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