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Dear Members,

Apologises for delay in being able to confirm all the above winners, we were hoping to hold a Presentation Night of sorts, but with COVID – 19 restrictions this has not been possible.

As such we have decided to announce all winners via web message and will arrange to credit your house account shortly. It is our intention to invite all Championship event winners to 2021 Presentation night.

You will note some changes to events in the previous 12 months, some events not contested, and some events reduced, this is due to COVID – 19.


2019 Medal of Medals
Cooper Ison ($50.00)

Parent and Child
Stephen and Kirk Buckley ($50.00 per player)

Sunday Championship – 54 Holes
Not contested – COVID – 19

Life Members Shield

Contested over 18 holes due to COVID – 19
Craig Mumberson and Michael Savage ($50.00 per player)

Father and Son

Not contested – COVID – 19

Husband and Wife

Susan and Martin Morrissey ($50.00 per player)

Matchplay Championship

Not contested – COVID – 19


Summer Cup

Winner – Cooper Ison ($100.00 plus trophy)
Runner Up – Melito Villa ($75.00 plus trophy)


Men’s Foursomes

A Grade Champions – Todd Ostler and Michael Savage – 153 ($125.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Champions – Scott and Graham Bernard – 174
C Grade Champions – Bruce Davidson and Jed Taylor – 195

Runners Up

A Grade Matt Horton and Brent Young – 155 ($90.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Stephen Café and Tom Ugarkovic – 180
C Grade Glenn Coates and Paul Loader – 196

Nett Winners

A Grade Andrew Brien and Craig Mumberson – 143 ($90.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Bob McIntyre and Steven Tuckwell – 148
C Grade Tony Popper and Ken Clarinbull – 153.5 c/b


A E Clifton Shield

Winners Harrison Wilde and Will Blomley 2 up
Runners Up Matt Taylor and Daniel Williams


Cock of the Walk

Winners Parvin and Yeshneil Gounden ($100.00 plus trophy)
Runners Up Steve Tuckwell and Robert Simmons ($75.00 plus trophy)


Ashlar Cup

Winner Wayne Jorgensen – 65 ($150.00 plus trophy)
Runner Up Paul Shillcock – 66 ($90.00)
2nd runner up Gordon McMah – 68 ($60.00)


Winner Jack Bercari – 81c/b ($50.00)
Runner Up John Templeton – 81 ($50.00)


Mixed Foursomes

A Grade Champions Lia Lavelle and Matt Horton – 155 ($70.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Champions Sue and Darren Tait – 192

Nett Winners

A Grade Helen Haynes and Kade Webber – 147 ($50.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Rhondda and Ray Clelland – 156.5 c/b


Stonecutters Cup – Vardon event

Winner Craig Williams Dunheved 67 ($250.00)
Runner Up Jinho Park SRGC 68 ($175.00)
2nd runner up Harrison Wilde SRGC 71 ($125.00)


Ashlar Cup (nett event)

Winner Jackson Fennell North Ryde 67 c/b ($175.00)
Runner up Ryan DeMartino Eden 67 ($125.00)
2nd runner up Jack Davies Long Reef 68 ($75.00)


Club Championships

A Grade Champion Kirk Buckley ($300.00 plus trophy)
B Grade Champion Greg Catto ($250.00 plus trophy)
C Grade Champion Don Sinai ($250.00 plus trophy)

Runners up

A Grade Will Blomley ($175.00)
B Grade Mike Prokurat
C Grade Marcus Walsh

Nett Winners

A Grade Mark Graham ($150.00)
B Grade Joe Ugarkovic
C Grade Brian Drury

Senior Champion

Todd Ostler ($125.00)

Ladies Major Trophy Winners 2020

Club Champion
Lia Lavelle ($250)
Runner up Gina Do ($125)
Nett Winner Karen Fryer ($85)

Championship 2nd Division
Scratch winner Kirsty Kirkby ($130)
Scratch r/up Judy Loader ($95)
Nett Winner Isabella Kim ($60)

Championship 3rd Division
Scratch Winner Robyn Avery ($130)
Scratch r/up Deirdre Smith ($95)
Nett winner Carol Wilding ($60)

54 hole
nett winner overall Deb Crofts ($60)

Ladies Foursomes 1st Division
Scratch winners Vicki Dunn & Helen Haynes ($65 each)
Scratch r/up Daphne Munro & Karen Fryer ($55 each)
Nett Winners Jenny Kim & Lucia Yoon ($40 each)

Ladies Foursomes 2nd Division
Scratch winners JI Park & Young Sun Kim ($65 each)
Scratch r/up Robyn Avery & Deirdre Smith ($55 each)
Nett Winners Anise Ladha & Jenny Leechburch ($40 each)

Sunday Premiership 1st Division
Scratch Winner Lia Lavelle ($175)
Scratch r/up Gina Do ($85)
Nett winner Karen Fryer ($55)

Sunday Premiership 2nd Division
Scratch Winner Lucia Yoon ($125)
Scratch R/UP Kirsty Kirkby ($85)
Nett Winner Yvonne Bell ($5)

Sunday Premiership 3rd division
Scratch winner Deirdre Smith ($125)
Scratch R/up Dawn Rush ($85)
Nett Winner Carol Wilding ($40)
Overall winner Vicki Dunn ($40)

Junior Champion

Ryan Cadle ($125.00)

Junior of the year

Ryan Cadle

Many thanks to all our competitors throughout the year and to all our winners’ congratulations.
Hoping the 2020/21 golf year brings a more settled environment and all our events can be completed.

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