Posted on: 6 September

Dear Fellow Members,

We are certainly living in challenging times and we hope that all Members and those close to you are coping with the current health crisis and lockdown as best you can.

As you know, due to NSW Government health orders, our club has recently had to close our doors to trade of any type, fortunately from Friday 3rd September the course reopened to members who reside within 5km. Some of our members have been unable to play golf for two months now due to travel restrictions and Blacktown being listed as an LGA of concern.

People are being impacted society wide – loss of jobs, reduction in income, business and livelihoods threatened and for us the loss of our normal sporting leisure and social activities that revolve around our club. This brings financial hardship for some and impacts on mental well being for others and for many both.

During this time where your Club is closed we too are impacted financially. Naturally we are now without the majority of our income. While some expenses are dissolved from clubhouse not trading, other fixed costs such as insurance, depreciation, course maintenance, administration, employee leave entitlements, etc, do remain. The Club has received a small amount of government support but it does not go near covering all of the fixed costs associated with running the business.

The structure of our Golf Club is of the traditional type with you, the members, owning the Club. We do not have an individual owner, an international corporation nor the backing of a major licensed club with the resources to cover costs during closure. The club exists as a non profit organisation run where we have to cover our losses and invest our profits wisely to enable future growth and development of our facility.

The Board, as your representatives, are highly cognisant of our responsibilities and that we must work to support you, our fellow members, as best we can during this time. This is a difficult balancing act, as we are sure you can appreciate, and no decisions we make are either simple or without consequence. As we have previously stated, the board will be considering options on how best to reward and celebrate our members once the full financial impact of the lockdown is realised. The Board will endeavour to consider our Members and when we feel the time is opportune to see a way out of the closures and restrictions, we will seriously consider ways to ease the burden on Members whilst at the same time try to maintain our cash reserves and limit future course development under our capital works program.

Membership fees for this golfing year were extended from 31st July to 15th September and with limited revenue available to the club we ask that all members who are able to pay their fees, do so. If you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of this lockdown and require additional time, we are only too happy to assist you on a case-by-case basis by contacting reception. Please also be assured that your 2020/21 house account and your ball prize account will not be forfeited during this period of closure.

The Club is an important part of all our lives, and we ask you, as the club owners, to continue to support your Club for our long-term viability and strength.

 In return you can be assured that the Board and Management will continue to work hard to ensure that we invest and improve our most precious assets being our course and clubhouse.


Craig Scott | CEO
On behalf of the Board of Directors


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