Posted on: 15 October

Course Report October 2021

Winter grass in greens – Treatment to eradicate the winter grass commenced on the 19th July, the small putting green and all greens on the back nine have now received four applications which were done three weeks apart being the recommended program. In consultation with the chemical supplier a fifth application was recommended and applied last week. We can now see the full extent of the treatment which we believe to be very successful in eradicating the majority of the winter grass in the treated greens. This unfortunately does leave the surface of the green uneven as the winter grass dies off but this will recover as the bentgrass takes over. We will be doing regular light fertilising and topdressings to encourage the bentgrass to grow into those areas.

Staff levels during the pandemic – starting on July 30th once the LGA’s began locking down, we lowered our staff numbers by 3 each day in an effort to reduce costs. On the 26th August when exercise was reduced to 1hr and golfers could no longer play, the course shut down and we lowered our staff numbers by 5 each day with staff losing 20hrs per week which equates to 200 labor hours lost on course per week. Course staff are having 2.5 days off per week, leaving 1 team of 5 plus mechanic and myself here each day. The staff rotate with a roster set up to facilitate the 18hrs they are on site each week.

Renovations during course lockdown – greens were lightly aerated and lightly top-dressed. The reason for such a light core was to minimize the disturbance to the surface whilst treating the winter grass. Light regular topdressings will follow to help smooth the surface once the winter grass dies out.

Tees were aerated using 19mm solid tines and fertilised afterwards. During the growing period, the tees will be scarified and top-dressed. It is too early to be doing that task now with limited warmth.

Surrounds were also aerated using 19mm solid tines, they are yet to be fertilized. They also will be scarified and top-dressed during growing period.

Aeration of fairways- during the closure period holes 8,9,10,12,13,14,15 and 18 were aerated to promote growth, this week and next week holes 2,3,4 and 5 will also be aerated and fertilized.

Spraying of course whilst closed – areas on fairways were sprayed for kikuyu (up to 9th Hole) winter grass on 1st hole has been treated again (waiting for results) insecticide, pre emergent herbicide, post emergent herbicide sprayed on all fairways, surrounds & tees.

With the course now open I look forward to seeing you again soon.



David Aplitt | Course Superintendent

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