Hole 18: Par 4

The finishing hole with the club house in view calling you in. A daunting tee shot with driver over the long native grass on the best of days but into the prevailing wind it can be difficult to reach the fairway for shorter hitters. After your drive down the middle it’s time to use your longest fairway and go for the green in 2. There is a large landing area in front of the green for those who hit short but large deep bunkers left and right demanding a straight approach. The green is sloping up from the front to the rear with undulations to make putting a slippery challenge. A fitting end to a great day of golf.

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Men Par 4

Ladies Par 4

Blue Tee 415m

White Tee 400m

Gold Tee 359m

Gold Ladies Tee 359m

Red Ladies Tee 330m